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Friendly Dog Collars New Zealand

Do you need to convey a message to others about your dog, before they get too close? 

Let others know whether your dog is friendly and approachable or whether space is required with our colour coded awareness collars, leads, harnesses and coats.  Based on the simple traffic light system, this range has been designed to help dog owners all over the world prevent incidents BEFORE they occur.

"I Like Meeting New Friends"

Let others know that your dog is friendly with adults, children and other dogs

"I Like People, Just Not Dogs"

Let others know that your dog likes people but is not friendly with other dogs and needs space.

"Do Not Approach Me!"

The CAUTION range is for dogs that need space from other dogs and people whilst out in public.

"I am unpredictable - please give me space"

The NERVOUS range is useful for owners with dogs that are unpredictable around other dogs and people.  Let others know to give your dog space.

"I'm Learning New Things"

Let others know that your dog is in TRAINING and should not be disturbed.

"I'm Looking For My Forever Home"

Advertise that your foster dog is looking for their forever home.

"I Can't Hear You”

The DEAF DOG range lets the public know that your dog may be easily startled when approached without care.

"I Can't See You"

Let others know that your dog has limited or no vision and that care should be taken when approaching them.

"Please Do Not Feed Me"

Let others know not to feed your dog.  Ideal for dogs on a specific diet or with allergies.